Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

First and foremost, let me quash the speculation on me first.

I'm not taking any leave today.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here we are, the 23rd day of 2013, which marks my birthday, Trust me, I'm 23 this year.

So what i wish for this year?

 Actually, what i wish for my birthday is same with my New Year's resolution : - travel with my mom, change my gay mobil and perhaps, change my job as well. Sweet Lord, i never been so confident about my aspiration and affirmation until this year. Like i said, previous year was really bad year for me. So, this year i'm gonna dust it off and do what i want to do and what i love to do.

Let me share with you, i'm not only fulfilling my resolution, somehow, i'm in the planning to make my secret dream comes true. I should not divulge much on this - coz every time tell my friends what is my plan, sure it won't happen eventually. So let's see what is my dream that gonna be realized in the month of March.

For many birthdays, i was the organizer. Not in pompous way but just simple gathering and dinner with my friends.

For this year, to be honest, i'm bit excited and yet worried coz i pass the daunting organizing role to my BFF. He has guts to organize a birthday dinner for a diva. He told me that it would be a surprise and slightly embarassing kinda birthday dinner. Geez, please be good. I know i have been bitchy and sarcastic all this while, please don't sabotage my birthday. Maybe the surprise is no one will turn up lol..

Before i end my note, i would like to take this opportunity on this special day to convey my sincere gratitude to all my friends who have been there for me. I know i'm diva, harsh, bitchy, sarcastic and insensitive sometimes and being late all the time but i bet you are having good times with me.

We have heard many many  birthday songs sang by many singers. But only one artiste, in fact, a diva who can sings like an angel:

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