Sunday, January 20, 2013

Listen, Animals Have Problems Too!

Listen, listen and listen.

I guess everyone in Malaysia is quite familiar (or fed up for some) with the term "Listen" throughout this week.

Malaysian courtesy, manners , freedom of speech and the integrity of public universities are tested once again when a lass from the floor at a talk forwarded a question to the speaker.

Bawani, a law student at Universiti of Utara Malaysia, became an overnight sensation when she was belittled and berated by Suara Wanita 1Malaysia president Sharifah Zohra. Just watch the video below:

Have anyone heard of Suara Wanita 1Malaysia before it became infamous?

I tried to Google it but sadly, the results ended with waves of criticism against this crappy organization. So I checked its Facebook,  the Timeline is filled with its non-professional and rather childish manner in defending Sharifah action by using old clips and articles of twisting past media coverage on
Anwar and misleadingly justifying Sharifah to put her in a more positive light.

I studied in private university, so i didn't really know what was going on in public universities until this incident.

Gosh, what a sad environment they are studying in. Obviously, the talk in the video (and any other talks, i assume) is greatly propagated and it is a clear sign that our education is in the state of Orwellian. I thought the university students are bi-partisan and they are free to support any political they prefer.

I guess it is just building a sandcastle in the air to have freedom of speech here in Malaysia. You will be  belittled and be denied even to question what is right for all of us.

Indeed, Sharifah just gives another blow to Najib's administration (yet again) as her organization is bearing the name of 1Malaysia which is synonym, in fact trademark of Najib's administration.

Pix from Sinar Harian Online
I really do respect Bawani who has the guts to voice out and to stand up in defending herself and to all Malaysians generally. I'm wondering what other attendees were thinking, perhaps something like this: "Don't bother much, i just want this talk ends in no time"

For Sharifah, her career is down to the drain for sure. She was condemned by the Deputy Higher Education Minister and the vice chancellor of the university. I heard she even got blackmails.

For me, she simply redefines the role of a bitch. Yes, when someone tries to defy you, just persistently yelling at them 'listen, listen' or just remove the microphone from them.

And please do give some credits to Sharifah, she is an animal whisperer, for Pete's sake! She can talk to cats, dogs, cows (she has guts to mess with Shahrizat) and even sharks!!

Hmmp.. i wish i could invite her to my workplace as the dog at my office is emo all the time. Maybe she could do some dog whispering?

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