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Hong Kong 2013: Disneyland

When you wish upon a star,

Makes no difference who you are,

Anything your heart desires,

Will come to you.

On the last day of March 2013, the star has finally answered my wish (i know this entry has been delayed like three months now). My childhood dream finally came true as i step my foot at  ground of Disneyland . Honestly, i had been yearning for a visit at Disneyland ever since i was small, so this visit was so surreal for me and i was more than happy that finally i made my dream came true. I never thought that i was really at Disneyland seeing Mickey Mouse at last!

Beautiful, fun, happy, dazzling, exciting and magical are some of the words that describe my trip at Disneyland.

It was emotional trip for me also. You wanna know why? Because supposedly my ex and my crush promised me to bring me there but the promise was broken twice. Yes, i had to endure the heartbreak and disappointment twice - and hoping someone would take me there eventually. But why depend on someone else? So i decided i tag along with my friend and made my dream came true. I made it on my own and i have friends okay.

Without further adeu, ladies and gentlemen, i bring you: Disneyland Hong Kong 2013:

My magical journey begins with the special customized MTR. I'm really impressed by the convenience of MTR transport system in Hong Kong - MTR there is strategically integrated, you can go anywhere that you want within minutes. To reach Disneyland via MTR, just board the MTR Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay station. The magical journey will take you around 10 minutes. I was literally hit by anxiety disorder, 10 minutes journey was like an hour long, i couldn't wait much longer.

After alighted the train, the feeling of so near but yet too far hit again. The distant from the entrance to the station was like another 10 minutes! Not even reaching the entrance and my feet already started to sore.

At the entrance, I was welcomed by the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad Station, aside from the Sleeping Beauty's Castle, i guess the station is another icon for every Disneyland in the world.

As i was approaching to the Main Street USA, i nearly shouted. Not because i saw a hunk nor i was robbed but Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were there literallly - taking photographs with the visitors. After all these years wishing to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie, the wish had finally came true!

The queue wasn't that long but waiting period was very long. I think around 40 people were queueing there and i needed to wait around an hour just for my turn. But i travelled so far and across the sea and Mickey is my favourite cartoon character, so i didn't bother much about the queue. BTW, Mickey smells like plastic.

Luckily, we queued up early as we were the last batch of the photography session with Mickey as Mickey needed to prepare for his next session, Flights of Fantasy parade at Main Street, USA.

Dumbo led the parade! 
The sound of the marching band just made the parade merrier  
The toy soldiers from Toy Story
The princesses from Disney movies aka the despos
Tinkerbell took time off from Hilton to join the parade
Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba 

Look, Pooh is in the air!!
I've to give credits to HR of Disneyland as all the stuff working there are pretty good looking,
I know it doesn;t suitable for the kids but just check out their body!

Our next stop, Sleeping Beauty Castle at Fantasyland - the icon of Disneyland and the icon of every child's fantasy. The vision of Sleeping Beauty Castle just automatically comes to your mind every time you hear the word 'Disneyland'. All of my life i had dreamed to see this castle with my very own eyes and finally, it was in my sight. And it looks small by the way. I thought Princess is like a diva, the castle is rather small for Sleeping Beauty .

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle at night
Next stop, fast forward to the future in Tomorrowland. For kids, i'm sure you will have helluva good time at Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster- helping Buzz to save the galaxy from Emporer Zurg. You will be given a laser gun and shoot the enemies. I know it sounds childish but i really had fun.
Space Mountain
If you look for thrill, have a ride at Space Mountain - indoor roller coaster in the dark. Really, make sure your throat is working fine as you will scream out loud throughout the journey since it's in the dark and you have no idea what is in front of you - the rail might be a sharp curve then suddenly slope more than 45 degrees down.

Runaway Mine Ears
Next stop, Grizzly Gulch which was opened just last year. Themed after an abandoned mining town named "Grizzly Gulch", the park was set behind mountains and woods. You've gotta try the Runaway Mine Ears rollercoaster ride. What is so special about the ride? One word: Reverse - yes, it charges forward at the beginning and it will go up the mountain, then suddenly, it moves rapidly slow and it stops. "Snaps" a sound mimicking a broken rope - then the ride cool!!!

The Golden Mickey

Please don't miss the Broadway entertainment of The Golden Mickey at Fantasyland. Your favourite disney characters will come alive singing the all time classic Disney songs. If you're gay, please go there coz you wouldn't miss Tarzan and those mermen - yes, they are shirtless with abs!!! But please bare with the annoying emcee as her cantonese is very very broken.

After entertained by those shirtless men, i mean Disney characters, just head to the next ride, It's A Small Ride. It's a boat ride with a great torture of the It's A Small World Song with different languages. Just check out the video below:

Next stop, Toy Story Land. Sadly, the RC Racer was closed for maintenance when i was there, so the only ride for us was the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. Though it looks low but the drop never failed to make me shout.
Toy Soldier Parachute Drop
 So before the fireworks show at night, we spent some time to buy the souvenir and trust me, you will go broke coz everything in the souvenir shop is so cute and nice- simply irresistible !

My trip at Disneyland was set to have a big bang finale with the Disney In The Star spectacular fireworks display. It is advisable, for you to stand a little bit further from the Sleeping Beauty Castle, perhaps, standing in the middle of Main Street as when the firework display finishes, the crowd heading to MRT is pretty overwhelming. So it will be good if you can stand further near to the exit so you can escape the crowd.

The fireworks? Simply magical. Close to tearing when i was looking at the fireworks as it was so beautifully synchronized and serenaded with the all time classic Disney cartoon themes.

There you have it, my entry on my magical trip at Disneyland. I never knew i could have this chance to write this entry after so many broken hearts and broken promises. So my childhood dream has already fulfilled, have you done yours? Don't rely too much on people to make your dreams come true, do it on your own. Trust me, anything your heart desires, it will come to you eventually.

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