Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2013: the story so far

Half year has passed and what you've done so far? Did you make it up for your resolutions or are you still struggling to achieve the bloody resolutions which you have set for yourself at the start of 2013.

I don't know about you but for me, the first half was pretty alright. I didn't achieve any resolution just yet but i did make my dream come true. I know you will laugh at me for saying this but i finally made a trip to Disneyland. It was simply a magical trip in Hong Kong.

Since it's already July, let see the progress of my resolution for 2013.

Change Job 

It was either i didn't possess the good vibes of first impression or the expected salary i requested was far beyond they could afford. For the first half of 2013, i've been through many interviews and i was delighted that big brands approached me but ended up nothing in the end. I'm still with the same old company. Not complaining coz i do enjoy what i'm doing and this December, my experience in this stressful PR industry will be exactly four years. I think i can attempt managerial level from now. I could not imagine the fate of the people under me.

Anyway, to be honest, i don't earn big bucks. So among my peers, some earn lesser than me and some earn more than me. Well, i don't really like to share how much my salary is coz it's rather private for me but i don't know why some people is dying to know my figure. And that very some people apparently earn more than me. Seriously, if you earn more than me why bother to ask me? Implicit move to belittle me and look down on me?

He even dare to ask me this question "Do you feel jealous that i earn more than you?" . Well, i don't. You earn more, I'm happy for you. I lead a decent life and not those lavish lifestyle and i'm very contented of what i have now.

To be honest, yes, some companies has rejected me but hey, i did decline some offers from some big companies as well, i'm just waiting for the right time and the right job okay. It's like the green light at the end of Daisy's dock in Great Gatsby. So close but it's still out of reach. But once i have reached the light, i don't really mind to share my new salary with that person.

New Car

I'm not really rushing for one though but recently, i did some test drive on several brands - Rio, Fiesta and Prius C. Well, i'm not sure when i have a new mobil but i'm looking forward for the last quarter of 2013. Why? Because the car that i want requires 3 months of waiting period and the more i prolong, the more i can pay for my down payment. Once i have it, definitely it will boost my ego, come on, let me show off a bit coz i've been humble for so long. Or else that very someone will look down on me again with my old car. Yeah, i have this silent war in outdoing each other but i take it healthily. 


My Hong Kong trip was with my friend so i do look forward to have another overseas trip with my mom this time. I think more than 10 years i never travel overseas with her. Let's see any good deals in MATTA Fair. I'm looking for either Beijing or Shanghai, maybe you can suggest me the best place to travel with family - please bear in my mind that i'm the one who will pay for my mother, so please give me some ideas that will not be painful for my wallet.


Not in my list for 2013 but if it comes, i will be more than happy. July is the month of love for me and i believe opportunities arise in this very month. But i doubt so coz the quality of gay men/boys are going down. Don't believe me? just scroll down your Facebook, you will see the gay people are too poor to buy a shirt or too proud with their armpit hairs. [Not you, JL] Don't forget the bimbos too! 

So yeah, gay circle is getting too mundane like everyone is like the same for me now. But don't bother me much coz i'm not looking for one for now but if it the prince comes, i definitely will leave my stilettos for him to pick up.

So it's July, I wish you a great second half of 2013 ahead. Just kick some asses and fulfill your resolutions for this year. Like what Jay Chou sings "Let's ride the sunshine, dash against the tide on the sea, attract her sight and don't be afraid to show your chest and perspire some sweat!"

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