Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Feeling - game for it?

Oh well, it's already the last day of July. Some of my close friends asked me where the heck is my prince charming.

He is right beside me right now while i'm writing this entry.

Just joking. Well, i'm still a loner writing this lonely blog for my lonely readers. Not lonely but rather mixed kinda feeling really- feeling relieved and worried that i'll be jobless soon. But i have so much faith in finding a new job that i could sing the George Michael's song "Faith" out loud.

Anyway, let's talk about love. Apparently, my friend was ditched by his unofficial partner - he lamented that the guy was playing his feeling all along - typical.

I know you have heard this 'playing with my feeling' a thousand times or maybe you are one of the victims. Trust me, i had been that victim for many times. That's why i built a fortress which is so tall that no one could enter and capture my heart.

Like seriously, why people playing with your feeling at the first place?

Because you opened up your heart for them to play with your feeling. So you really can't blame those players, blame yourself for being so vulnerable and exposing for people to trespass the vicinity of your feeling.

My dear, just be a little tougher and wiser on the people approach you or wanting to get close to you. Things might not be the way you wanted to. Yes, happy ending can be a possibility but the possibility is overshadowed by disappointment most of the time and i could bet that. In the end of the day, the winner is the player and you're just a small loser.

Sound familiar right?

It might be your sad story. Believe me, that's my sad story also.

Maybe it's a curse, i have this almost-hook-up-into-relationship kinda situation with the people i really fell into. I know once you fell into deep, it's very hard to get back to the ground. The deeper you go, the deeper you are in the world of fantasy of both you together. The deeper you go, the higher amount of hope you harbour on that player. And yes, the deeper you go, the bigger disappointment in the end.

It sucks to be honest with you. Wasting your time, wasting your energy and wasting your youth. But maybe we were born to be losers cause we enjoy it so much. True enough, i did enjoy the period when i was so close with my so called crush but good lord, once he hooked up with someone else and literally ditched me , it was so painful and emo! I thought we would be together but it didn't happen. Such fool! No doubt, i was angry with him why he had to play with my feeling but after much soul searching, i was the one to be blamed coz it takes two to tango. I should blame myself to be so open that time.

Well, once bitten twice shy - i know it's painful but i hope you be wiser enough to protect your little fragile heart. I know handsome and cute guys are hard to resist but would you date a person who has superficial beauty but not the beauty that defines within? And please don't ever think people get close to you is a hint that he wants to hook up with you - maybe he is just bored or maybe he really enjoys your company.


  1. Then why not be a player next... instead of being played. U be the host of the game next round... :)

  2. Interesting/unique name alvin Jude haha =)