Sunday, July 28, 2013

Food Bites: First Garden Hawker Stall, Wanton Mee and Big Tree Foot

People really love my food taken in Instagram, aren't you?

Really, i'm not good at adjectives in describing the taste and the texture of a food so i'm little reluctant to change my blog to a food blog. I'm really comfortable with my gay and love blog currently lolz...

But since i love to eat, why not i share my favourite food here with you. And you are lucky that i'm back in Ipoh over the long weekend and can't deny that Ipoh is an haven of food.

Let's check out what i eat over the weekend:

I'm a huge fan of hawker food. And if you are craving for Sotong Kangkung (Squid and water spinach), head to First Garden Hawker stall (the hawker area where they have the Pasar Malam on Friday night). Though the hawker stall is rather shoddy but don't let the outlook fool you as it is hidden with good food that i've been loving it since i was small. Okay, back to Sotong Kangkung ( it only opened during the day), it's the best Sotong Kangkung ever. The sauce is laden with sesame and peanut and it is a perfect match to augur the freshness of the sotong and the kangkung. Every bite of yours would definitely be the crunchy sound of the freshness of the sotong and the kangkung.

The stall also has the best Fruit Rojak ever!! What is so special about this rojak stall is its sauce. The sauce is a strong  and thick shrimp paste texture! The uncle of the stall is so generous that you will be amazed with the amount of the peanuts he pours! I have to admit here that the rojak is so nice until i will use my spoon to scoop and eat the sauce. It's that nice!

Don't forget to quench your thirst with the Ipoh's only Wan Tou Long. You will like "What?". It's jelly ice. What? Okay, it's ai yu ping for KL folks. Wan Tou Long is incomparable with Ai Yu Ping as the jelly is thicker and the jelly is rather tasteless. Yes, tasteless but when you eat it with shaved ice and coconut milk/lime juice, Eureka! The perfect blend!

Location: First Garden Hawker Centre (opposite Indah water treatment)

The best wanton mee? Sorry, i don't know the name of shop though i've been supporting it since i was small but it is few shops next to Lucky Restaurant at Jalan Pasir Puteh, Ipoh. What so special about this shop: they have spongy wanton mee, fresh vege, the strong taste of pickle chilies and and the clear and sweet wanton mee soup - they have it all to have the best wanton mee! 

Location: Few shops next to Lucky Restaurant, Jalan Pasir Puteh Ipoh

If you still have empty spaces left in the stomach after the wanton mee, take a few minutes drive to Big Tree Foot (direct translation - Dai Shu Geok) hawker stall. I know you have read it all from other blogs but just want to share with you that you should go to the next stall. Really, since the big tree is loaded with people all the time and you have to wait forever, just go to the next shop. They are the same people anyway but it's cleaner and less people. Crunchy stuffed food and the tasty noodle - yummy!!! By the way, if you are in Ipoh, please don't call the stuff food as Yeong Tau Fu, that's KL, Ipoh calls it Yeung Liew.

Location: 652, Jalan King, Pasir Pinji, 31650 Ipoh

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