Friday, July 26, 2013

Heartbreaks and Tears

In times when you hit the lowest point in your life, you would wish that very someone who doesn't concern about you would concern about you.

Let me ask you this, is that worth it? Is that fair for you?

There is no fairness in life, isn't it? The person you wish to be with for so much doesn't turn out the way it seems. And while you are reading this, the person that you want to be with so much most probably having good time with his partner now.

What about you? You are just a sad loner who is reading my blog.

I know you miss him pathetically but he is with other right now. Why couldn't you move on as in really move on by getting rid of him outta your mind. You will learn to let go in the hardest way - heartbreaks and tears are inevitable.

Let's get emo in this entry. What will you tell to the very someone person that you like but never shows affection toward you?

What about me? Well, i'm not liking anyone right now so i don't have comment on this. Well, if you insist, then let me share with you what i want to tell him:

"I'm the best you will never have"

Just joking. There's no more talk between us ever since he has been snatched away by someone else who is far more successful and hotter than me.

I'm just a little timid boy on the bleacher.

Seriously, no point for me to miss him though i really wish that he is mine hahaha- nah, if fate doesn't allow, why i need to force myself?

Well, if we were together, i think we could have been a very sweet item. Teasing each others, have a unwinding dinner after long day at work and movies during the weekends and help me to decorate my Christmas tree. Simple but yet it's already meaningful for me. 

But young man, things will not work out as you wish for. Be wise and don't let others break your heart again. Be the fierce bitch so no one dares to approach you. If you wish upon a star, the star is already dead by the time the light reaches the Earth. 

Let me tell you this:

A wise boy kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe and leaves before he is left.


  1. I had known how cruel to be in the circle, But I rather believe there would be someone who is the true and forever.

    1. it seems that true and forever is just a fallacy