Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Everything will be alright

I thought July would be the month for me but turned out to be the opposite.

Lately, the bad luck never seems to leave alone, not every single thing has went on smoothly. What will you do if things do not turn out your way for like weeks? Moving along? Go to temple and pray? Or have faith in God.

I'm not a devout monotheistic but i believe whenever the doors are closed for you along the path, it doesn't mean the end for which God is leading you to the perfect goal.

This week and next week will be very crucial for me. It may be a leap of fate or a downfall though it seems downfalls all the time recently. But perseverance still seizes the day.

Maybe you are the same boat with me - having long day at work and nothing seems right. People around you just shunning you away and you are pathetically single (not me) without any warm loving arms for you to rest on.

My dear, all those shit happening around you, I assure you, it doesn't kill you.

Not to worry because worry is useless and wasteful in times like this. Don't think you are useless coz you weren't made to be useless. Don't be despair as what you are having now is just temporary.

Gather yourself around your faith and light up for the light does the darkness most fear. Everything will be alright as in the end, only kindness matters.

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