Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm the Queen Diva, worship me

"I'm the Queen Diva. Fall on your knees and worship me!!! Muahaha" decreed the Queen Diva.

"No!! We will never surrender to the Queen like you. youre a monster", shouted the hunks.

"You dare to defy me?!! HI'm offended! Let me eat you up!! Nom nom nom..," said the Queen Diva.

There goes the hunks.

Sorry for being overly dramatic in my starting. Trust me, i'm not the queen diva. Well, i do admit i'm bit diva and drama sometimes but rest assured, I'm not a Queen nor the Primadonna.

Alas, another gay entry by a gay man talks bad about gay men. 

Straight men don't like sissy. Actually, most of the gay men don't like sissy gay men as well. But since they are part of us, sissy boys or men are not big issue for me though I do admit they irk me sometimes. sissy boys are still okay but please don't over do it, just composed. Muscle mary is the worst thing happening in gay circle. Really, i was walking at gay villion, then there was a hot tall hunk standing next to me with his A&F shirt, so his body was simply marvellous. But when he started to talk with his friends, goodness,  i was frightened to the core. His hand was like stitching in the air! 

So my question here is that since we are gay, does the true and genuine manhood is a forgone thing? 

I know sissy and even muscle marry can't be changed in just blink of an eye because they are embracing who they are and that's it a really worthy thing to do.

What i'm confused here is that why some ( i said some) of the gay men don't embrace the values of straight men? 

I'm not asking you to watch football like straight men do, i mean more like being open minded, forgiving,not being dramatic and not being bitching around.

Why not follow Chris Crocker's foot steps and repent? Gosh, from a drama queen, he transformed himself to a hot hunk, RESPECT! (Chris made his temporary fame with his "Leave Britney Alone" video)




  1. Wtf the same real guy! So freaking hot and adorable in the latter pictures!