Sunday, July 7, 2013

He knows i'm unfaithful

So, it was my routine scouting on the boys in my vicinity in Jack D. Bull's eye! Got one hottie without a shirt on. Then, i clicked to view his profile and the boy look familiar - isn't he attached and he has a lovely boyfriend who loves him to bits?

Maybe i'm conservative and old school and couldn't comprehend of gay culture today. Is it alright to pose shirtless picture and showing your body off in social network especially those gay social network like Jack D and Grinder when you are already attached? For me, those attached people shouldn't have those apps at the first place.

(I'm writing the scenario below as if you are attached)

Revealing your skin off in the public realm definitely will attract lots of attention , it will be greater extend if your have a hot and sexy body figure. Those attraction inevitably will pique the people's curiosity to know about you more and they will start a conversation with you. Sooner or later, phone number exchange happens and someday soon, dating will take place.

Four things ensue next; either the guy you date with is not your type and friends forever OR you are attached and couldn't commit anything, so just have a fling and have an One Night Stand with him OR your date is far more better than your current boyfriend, why not two timer OR ditch your current boyfriend and start a new relationship with your date?

I know it sounds superficial but it does happen in gay circle. Cheating your another half is such a norm here. Perhaps, man to man relationship doesn't have a proper recognition like legitimate marriage so why so serious, just fling and change love partner as if change the clothes. If you are into no string attached kinda lifestyle, i bet that 6 out of 10 men you slept with were attached.

Come on, be honest with me, did your partner or your ex boyfriend cheat you before? Of course they did and only it only takes a par excellence acting skill like Oscar winner to hide those unfaithful activities from you. Well, my ex did cheat on me too , he was meeting someone while he was in relationship with me.

So yeah, maybe i'm a fragile person, i could not handle unfaithfulness from my partner, it is like end of the world for me because my trust on him has been misused. I felt like i was a big dumbass and lived in a fantasy of happily ever after with him.

What about you? If your partner cheated on you, what will you do?

Forgive him and move on? Honey, once get caught doesn't mean that he would repent. There will be second time and third time. The best move is to cut his dick off   ditch him off and move on. You deserve better, who wants to date with a big fat lier anyway. Unless you are a moron and naively think that he would change.

That's why i choose to be single for time being. I can't handle those cheating sick things.

Oh yeah, back to the shirtless attached guy who appears in Jack D.

Will let your partner to do that? No, i won't. I know i'm bit controlling here - i don't even want to see those gay social app in his phone. Not that i don't trust my partner but i'm a pretty jealous kinda guy. I would be annoyed if people message him. Coz my partner is the only one i love and i don't share - not even think to have few inches to the perimeter of my partner.

Okay, you are open enough and letting your partner to know more friends with his body. I admire your generosity to let the public to view your partner's flesh and skin but don't cry out loud if he dumps in the end.

Talking about sexy boy in Jack D, i should text him and hopefully he will end up on my bed tonight. Just joking, tomorrow is Monday, not in the mood for hanky panky and indecency.

P/s: this entry doesn't not apply to models, swimmers, b2b masseurs, strippers or whatever profession that need to reveal the body.

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