Saturday, July 20, 2013

Alvivi Hot Soup And Minions Hysteria

Actually, there is something i would like to share with you who  but it's not timely yet. Let the dust settle first before i make the huge announcement. It is so huge that it will change my life ahead.

So let's see what is making the headlines this week.

Well, i'm so famous that my name is all over the media lately. Alvin this Alvin that. Thank God that my surname is not Tan or else I would be cursed vehemently.

Yes, i'm talking about Alvin Tan from the famous sex blogger Alvivi. Apparently, Alvin and Vivian caused a huge stir in Malaysia by posting a controversial picture depicting break the fast of Ramadan by eating Bak Kut Teh (herbal pork soup). It is highly sensitive for our Muslim friends and it is totally uncalled for.

I never thought people would go to that extend of triggering other religion's sensitivity just for the fame. Anyhow, both couple were thrown in the jail for their unwise and insensitive move. I'm glad many non-Muslim Malaysians stood up for our Muslim friends.

Though the punishment has meted out but don't you think there is an unjust enforcement going on here. We have seen many politicians uttered so many insensitive and hurtful words to non-Muslims but there is no action has been taken. Do you remember Zulkifli Nordin? What about Ibrahim Ali? They are still walking as free men even though their words are utmost hurtful as if the Chinese and Indians are not welcomed in Malaysia anymore. What about the daily which asked what Chinese wants? Why the law enforcement goes so fast for Alvivi but not on Zulkifli Nordin and Ibrahim Ali? Is there any selective prosecution here?

I let you decide.

The other news that is making headline is the yellow Minions hysteria.

To be honest, i'm part of the craze. Since MCD will start selling the week 3 Minions from Despicable Me at precise 12 am on Thursday night, to avoid disappointment, i went o MCD at SS 2 at 1100 pm.

And my God, the queue was up til to the road outside. As the minutes were closer to 12 am, the queue stretched as far as the horizon.

As the clock strike 12 am, everyone was so stressed that they were afraid that they couldn't get what they wanted as the queue was pretty long. Even i was indulged in this stressful moment for the toys.

After one hour of queue, it was my turn, to my disappointment, i only managed to grab Stuart Light Up Grabber, Babbler has sold out just 45 minutes after selling. At 1 am, the MCD in SS2 has sold all the Minions!!

This is crazy, sold out in one hour!

You may say this to me: It is just a toy. Well, yeah, but i really adore Minions. Don't you think they are so cute especially the language they speak which we have no idea what language is that.

I even called my mom to check the situation in Ipoh but she has confirmed has been sold out as well.

Damn it!

Though my collection is not complete but i'm kinda proud of what i have now. I know the auctioning is like crazy in ebay and forums, why not i offer you this: each minion, the price i offer for you is RM 400, will you buy it from me?

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