Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why I'm not joining Black 505 622?

There are two reasons why i refuse to join the Black 505 622 rally today at Padang Merbok.

First and foremost, as you all know, Singapore has been shrouded in haze for past few days and the smoke haze been creeping into central of Peninsular Malaysia. Seriously, i could barely see 1Utama from my house which is few blocks away. The best advice is to stay indoor during haze and i could not afford to put my health into jeopardy by being in the rally for hours.

Secondly, yes, i do admit here that i joint Bersih 3.0 and Black 505 508 at Kelana Jaya Stadium. I joint Bersih 3.0 because i believe in free and fair election and our election system indeed needs a big boost of revamp. I joint Black 505 508 because i want to witness whether the false claim of Chinese Tsunami by  our not popular Najib was true or otherwise - well, you know the answer. And being a proud Malaysian who embraces culture diversity, i joint thousands upon thousands of Malaysians at Kelana Jaya stadium to tell Najib what Malaysians are all about.

But why not Black 505 622?

i don't see any objectives of it. I really lost the count on the number of Black 505 rally. We kicked start at Kelana Jaya, followed by the regional rallies then concluded with the Black 505 at Dataran MBPJ not long ago. I thought it was already concluded then why there is another Black 505 rally?

Well,  i did feel disappointed too that Pakatan Rakyat didnt win the general election and im not sure the election was done fair and square but why can't we move on and work harder for 14th General Election?

No matter how many rallies, it won't change anything. Najib won't listen to you.

There is a song by ABBA that goes "the winner takes it all, the loser standing small"- maybe the rally is to prove that the loser is not standing small but standing tall and brave and fight to the end?

Nevertheless, for those who are joining rally today, be safe and wear mask for the tear gas and for the haze.

God bless.

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