Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In case you show up

Apparently, my friends are attached one by one. From bottom of my heart, I do feel happy for them. I hope they won’t get too hooked up and neglect me.

As most of my friends are already attached, is there any peer pressure for me to get one?

Who doesn’t want to love and to be loved? But it would be ludicrous of me to blindly hook up with someone just because my close friends are already attached and I would be left out.

Maybe I should put my description in about section for those Grinder or Jack D that I desperately for a boyfriend. Seriously, i came across many shouted for desperation in those gay apps looking for a boyfriend. Really, those apps are for whores and sluts, and of course for attached guys who are looking for external casual fun as well. I doubt anyone is true there.

So they ask do I see anyone lately. Sadly no. I know it is hard to believe that no one is after this cutie pie. Maybe that’s why, I’m not cute nor I have hot sizzling body so no one would even bother to take notice of this mediocre guy.

Well, to answer the question that I ask myself above; I don’t feel any pressure at all. In fact, I’m alright with my singlehood now but if the fate comes, I’ll answer the call for consideration.

Maybe because Christmas is near and it’s rainy days, I feel really sentimental lately. Life is hard. Work is tough and corresponding people could be fuck-tards sometimes, I really do wish that I could share my daily story with someone sometimes. You know when you have achieved something hugely successful in your work, you just want someone to share the success story with or even simply have a tete`-a-tete´during dinner. Or just appear at my door and takes me out for dinner or supper when I’m hungry. I know it sounds simple but it takes a lifetime for me to find someone to do that.

Whatever it is, I know fate is in our hands but fate for relationship is rather sceptical one. I did try, it didn’t work out. So I swore my heart would never meant unless someone proves me otherwise.

Before I end my note, I have no idea why im playing this song non-stop while im blogging this entry. Like what Yuna sings; decorate my home in case you show up” – I know he will never ever show up.

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