Sunday, November 11, 2012

Facebook Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts


No one can deny that we are eat, sleep and play with Facebook. Literally, our lives are so much revolving around this social network that we can’t live without it. I guess the first website you will go to when you wake up from the bed is Facebook and even Facebook replaces the punch card at your office – once log in, tick, you at work.

Facebook indeed transforms the landscape of our daily communication as well as the marketing strategies of businesses. However, as we indulge ourselves with this social network, do we have a set of etiquettes to govern the use of Facebook so this social network won’t be a nuisance network?

My job scope does involve Facebook, so you can see me online most of the time. Really, as I leave it online, Facebook could somehow be a nuisance and sometimes revolting too as Mark Zurkerberg did not set a set of etiquettes in using Facebook. Well, he did provide privacy and report setting but sometimes the contacts in Facebook are your friends; you wouldn’t want to report your friend to administrator right? Well, this is dilemma I’m facing, feel annoyed but can’t block them –the only thing I can do is tell him/her off which also might jeopardize our friendship.

Trust me, in the world today, to end a friendship is simple –just block them in Facebook and they will get the message.

Let me share with you my dilemma and the etiquettes that should be adopted in Facebook.

The harassment of game requests

You think is so nice to have the initial A as your first name? Well, it might be a boon for registration purposes as your name will appear first in alphabetical order but not in Facebook.

My name begins with consonant “A” so the people will take this opportunity to harass me with game requests as my name will appear the first few rows and  I don’t play Facebook game or any online games at all. They are a bunch of lazy asses who are lazy to scroll to find people who are really into Facebook games. On average, I have 10 requests per day. The game requests have reached to the breaking point of my tolerance, so I have decided to report them.

Spam the timeline if you have pretty face

I know this point is rather bitchy but it’s an ugly truth. I have few friends in my list that who like to spam on the wall in the Facebook without any mercy. Their postings could be up to 20 or more in a day with average two postings per hour. Well, 20 postings for a day is alright if you are feeding an developing news or happenings or even the dynamic business updates but 20 postings on your bimbo personal stuff on you is rather annoying. What are the postings that irk me off recently: I shave my legs, I went to toilet, my boobs are small, I’m doing my gym (gay men’s favourite posting) and the list goes on. Seriously, no one cares. I have an anonymous friend who spamming non stop in FB and pity him, no one likes on his posting or don’t even a single comment. I know, it’s hard to get attention in Facebook nowadays. People do care when you have a pretty face. Yeah, really. I have plenty of friends who are drop dead handsome and even simple “Good night” can generate more than 30 likes. I know I don't have pretty face, that’s why I’ve been quiet lately in Facebook.

Don’t tell the world you are a loner

Spamming Facebook wall is annoying. I guess you should stop spamming when you realize that no one like your posts or corresponding comment on it. So, you should have self-dignity to lie low when no one cares about your post. Please, it's a big no no to like your own post when there is no feedback from others. Really, it’ s very sad to do that.

Tag your friends if you want attention

Like, tag and win basis contest is the hit mechanism in Facebook today. I do that to because either I want to win or helping my friends to win. What if you friends post something and tag you in and you don’t have interest at all? Irritating indeed – really, a lady tag me for lingerie sales before.

A little respect for those who passed on

Facebook has become a vital platform to announce someone’s demise. Well, it can work out well so the relevant people could be informed about the sad news. But should we ‘like’ the posting when it is related to someone’s passing? I don't think so. I think it’s rather disrespectful.

Verify first to save yourself from embarrassment

People like hoaxes and rumours because the gist of the news is so sensational and interesting. Inevitably, you want to be a news breaker so much and post the new unverified news first in the Facebook. Voila, embarrass yourself in the end as the news is not an actual fact. I’ve got a friend who posted that Morgan Freeman died last month and he was besieged with comments to tell him off that it was a hoax. I have no idea where he hides his face.

Vent out your frustration at work

It’s good to vent out your stress or frustration at work to reduce the stress level of yours by sharing it with your friends. However, no matter how private your setting is, Facebook is still a public realm website and you never know who will read your posting-it might be your boss or your clients.

I know most of you guys don’t add your bosses in Facebook but what if your privacy setting is open to all ?Or one of your colleagues have your boss in their contact and the boss intentionally and unintentionally see your fuck-your-boss postings? Warning letter is definitely on its way.

Chain status updates           

Remember those postings that tell you that you need to post a picture or a status into the wall and share it with your friend or else you will die. I have received many of them and I’m still alive writing this entry.  Well, sometimes it’s good gesture for public announcement or charity drive but don't overdo it and it doesn’t kill you if you don’t post those chain statuses.

So what will you do if you come across the situations above? Facebook always knows what we want. Just click report. You can either choose, unsubscribe, unfriend or block with reasons:

My friend is annoying me OR my friend is harassing or bullying me

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