Friday, November 30, 2012

Jay Chou is blonde

This is it! Jay Chou's new album, 12th album is scheduled to be released on December 28 , 2012 (if end of the world never happens).

Well, no one can deny that he is a real Asian prodigy in music with the unparalleled talents, be it in music, magic, movie and directing. However, his 12th album is set to be something new, different and fresh per say.

Why i say so?

I came across his album teaser in his official Facebook and gosh, Jay Chou turns blond. Though i'm a big fan of him but i'm not hypocrite - it sucks. I know blondie is a in thing in K-Pop culture , you can call me conservative but Asian should not dye the hair blond as it doesn't match the tone of the skin. It's like Nicki Minaj with her natural colour hair (God knows what colour). Or Malaysian colloquial term "lala".

Ignore the top, but if you look far below on his teaser photo, phew!! check out his body!! From a shy and timid prodigy, suddenly, Jay Chou take off his shirt off and goes shirtless!! 6 pairs of abs and lil hairy chest. Tell me now, are you drooling?

Pix courtesy from Jay Chou Official Facebook

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