Monday, November 5, 2012

Blow it like it's hot

I promised myself not to be too judgemental or bitchy on people's persona.

I guess i have to break the promise now because someone just piqued my bitchy nerves.After you reading this entry, i bet that you would share the same sentiment with me.

So i was browsing my Jack D, and suddenly pop up this diabolical and disgusting picture. (i have censored his picture for the sake of the minors who are reading this entry). Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself!

 Trust me, his face is terrible. Coupled with the hairdryer blowing his sweaty flabby body and wearing nothing but Private Structure underwear - it simply constitutes the true meaning of disgusting. Beyond words, really. I never knew gay folks could be so desperate until have post this kind of picture. Call me Blowing Queen. Yew!! Heinous!!Dude, hair dryer is meant for the hair not the body.

Feeling nausea? Wait until his description below:

"No drama queens". Geez, look's who talking. Blowing your flabby body with hair dryer is not drama queen. I'm dying to know what constitute drama queens in his perception. "Warning, there are too many bigots who acts macho here. Please stay away from me." I guess all the machos men are warned when they look at his pictures.Definately, they will stay away from you lol..

I guess i should stop being Joane River here. Adios!

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