Monday, July 9, 2012

Opt for second best?

“You said move on, where do I go? I guess second best is all I will know”

Beautiful line in Katy Perry’s Thinking Of You.

Lately I have been thinking if the best thing won’t work, why not opt for the second best?

I don’t know about you but it will be an utter guilty if I take someone as a replacement just because the priority doesn’t work out.

Chances are I would enjoy at the initial phase of the courtship but as the infatuation dies off, I’ll would start to think who I really like and whom I really wanna be with. Just like the song- "when I’m with him, I am thinking of you". Then I would either lie to myself to stay on in the relationship in order not to hurt his feelings OR dump him off because I do not want to hurt him anymore. In situation like this, I believe honesty is the best policy. I know it sounds harsh but I believe that if I keep lying, it will be more painful for him to bear.

The another possible outcome is that I will come to realization that the second best has always been the best.

Sounds fairy tale huh? But honestly, a stubborn guy like me wouldn’t let go easily though the situation is telling me to do so. Really, I love to bet on person that I like. I will give my hope and my time on the betting table –though it will be devastating for me if I do not win the bet but I have nothing to lose.

Should I give up or should I keep on chasing pavement even if it leads nowhere?

Anyhow, on positive note, it’s July and I think he is here. Well, though he is like so my type but my heart is still reserved and I will keep my distance from falling foolishly.