Monday, July 27, 2015

What makes me happy?

I was reading my ex-colleague's blog entitled "What makes me happy?".

Though it is just a simple question but I don't think I have any answer. 

You may see a person laughing and cracking jokes all the time but it doesn't mean that he's happy. The world may see him happy but the world he sees is a very sad place. 

For me, happiness and fun are two different things actually. Fun is just a temporary amusement. And yes, I have fun all the time. 

But for happiness, it's more towards contentment. 

Am I really happy, honestly?

I don't think so. Maybe I have so many desires in my life and those desires seem like out of reach. Desires or some call it goals are the drive in your life to keep you going ahead. Desires dictate goals in your life. Goals makes your life worth living.

But then again, the more desires I have, the more disappointment I'll encounter. So it's better for me to lead a plain and desire-free life. Gosh, I sound like a monk here.

Anyway, I experienced happiness before, I'm not that pathetic okay? My childhood, my teenage days throughout my high school and college, my maiden visit at Disneyland and past and current relationship + not forgetting the unforgettable second half of 2011.

I hope someday very soon I could do the things that I would never expect that i could do it.

Good night.

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