Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Total Mess

What an interesting period of time we are living in. Malaysia's politics are getting barbarous.

Let me do a brief recap.

So the Wall Street Journal has alleged that RM 2.4 billion went to Prime Minister D.S. Najib's personal account through 1MDB fund. However, he had never denied nor admitted until yesterday which had shed some light. According to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commision that RM 2.4 billion was donated into his account and not through 1MDB fund.

Seriously, I don't think any sound minded Malaysians would believe in such lie. Here's why:

  • Why he did not explain since the publication of WSJ report that the money in his personal account was from 'donors''?
  • The donors should donate to charity organizations and homeless instead of him. He's not a beggar, is he?
  • If he has done nothing wrong, why there was such a rush to have cabinet reshuffle by firing Tan Sri Muhyiddin who has been outspoken on 1MDB?
  • Why our ex-Attornye Genral  Abdul Ghani Patail was removed?

For those Malaysians who are reading this post.,  our beloved country is in a mess. We are living in a police state which makes no difference with North Korea. 

Our rights, our freedom and our love for this country has been ridiculed tremendously. I always believe that if the oppression is getting greater, the greater the people gonna retaliate. I don't know when and I don't know how these dark clouds will fade away but we will pray for the best for our beloved country Malaysia. 

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