Monday, August 31, 2015

Bersih 4 : This is my country

It is reported that staggering half a million attended the overnight Bersih 4 rally in Kuala Lumpur over the weekend. If you attended the rally, you deserve a round applause. If you slept overnight in the rally, you had my bow.

No doubt, the rally was a huge success. Compared to previous Bersih rallies, this is the most peaceful one without any untoward incidents especially from the police. Compared to Bersih 2 and 3, it was filled with brutalities especially the release of tear gas. Until today, I still could recall the pain of tear gas. On contrary, this Bersih 4, police was indeed helpful to keep the rally safe and smooth. Kudos to them!

Meanwhile, the brief presence of Dr. M in the rally was the most shocking twist in the rally. It caught everyone off guard. Though it was brief but it was very significant in many ways. It was a simple gesture from him to call for BN MPs to join the rakyat to unseat Najib. That brief appearance also toned down the rally to be less Chinese driven. Come on, he is one of the respected leaders in Malay community, his presence may represent the Malay communities.

We can't deny the rally was dominated by Chinese but it wasn't about races, was it? I believe the rally is meant for Malaysians who truly love the country. I believe those rally goers realised that the current administration and especially the leader has led the country into nowhere. Laced with corruption, selfishness, controversies and allegations, this leader must go before the country collapses.

Even it was a Chinese dominated the rally, but don't ever underestimate the presence of our fellow Malays, Indians and others and I even saw Orang Asli in the rally. We do not need dysfunctional 1Malaysia propaganda to unite us, we already united. And please don't make any unwise moves to separate us further. 

Alright, we had overnight, we had chanted "Bersih", we expressed our call for change but in the end, honestly, there's no change. Do you still remember when was the first Bersih rally?

It was back in 2007! Eight years gone, and? After two general elections, there's no significant electoral reform.

Despite call for Najib resignation stole the limelight compared to electoral reform, but end of the day, he's still the Prime Minister. I know I'm being a killjoy here but this is the fact. And I'm doubt that vote of no confidence will be tabled in Parliament in October, even if it does, the BN MPs will not vote him out. As Dr. M said, BN MPs have been bought. Nevertheless, we pray for the best that BN MPs have some conscience in their hearts to cast the vote righteously. 

Bersih 4 rally has ended. Life goes on but never forget to pray for the best for our nation. Make our motherland glorious again. 

Before I end, below are some of the pictures taken during the rally:

Sekian dan Salam Hari Merdeka.

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