Saturday, September 5, 2015

Top 7 Leisure Activities in KL

Let me ask you this, aside from hang out with friends or even heading to  gym or cafe hopping or movies or shopping, what can you do in Kuala Lumpur/ Klang Valley to kill off your free time?

Sleep whole day! Yupe, you can do that but still you need to go out from the house and get in touch with the world right?

Here are some recommended activities you can do during your free time or to occupy your weekend.

1.Head Up to Highest Point

If you're living in KL, I bet that you have been looking at the Petronas Twin Towers for all your life. But have you ever walked across its Sky Bridge and going up to its highest floor? Well, level 86, it's just two storey short to the highest floor.

I did.

I was reluctant at first as I heard from my friends that you need to queue around 6.30 in the morning to purchase its limited ticket.

It wasn't the case actually. We reached there around 9 am and we managed to grab the tickets and instantly headed up for the tour.

It was pleasant actually coz it was my first time.

For only RM 26.50 per pax (the rate applies to MyKad holder only), you can have 40 minutes tour at the Skybridge as well as the observation deck at level 86. Opening hour is from 9 am to 9 pm everyday.

Such a vertigo experience to see this lad washing the Skybridge windows

I'm top of the world looking at the other tower

KL City 

2. Petting Zoo

If you're an animal lover, you would love this. Located in Seri Kembangan, Farm in The City houses among the world's biggest and smallest animal such as Aldabra Giant Tortoise, deer and pony . The most interesting about this farm is that you can hug and feed them! But I was rather disappointed that they didn't have raccoon - my favourite animal :(

I guess my favourite gotta be feeding the birds. I was like a Snow White for a day. Need not worry as the Snow White will not be melted by the sun as the farm is pretty shaded by the trees.

Located at  Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 2, Taman Prima Tropika, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor (behind Giant), the farm is closed every Tuesday. Price wise, it's RM 32 and RM 27 for adults (MyKad holders) and children respectively. 

3. National Planetarium

If you like interstellar and our planetary system, please don't go to National Planetarium - unless, you really like kids which I don't.

You see, the planetarium is the best spot for the mischievous kids to roam around school excursion. Trust me, I've been there and you could barely walk as it was a sea of school kids! Teachers should have controlled and supervised them right? I think the teachers already gave up on them.

Since it's only RM 3 entry for MyKad holder, it's okay if the visit is annoyed with kids and entertain yourself faulty display units.

Nestled in Jalan Perdana in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you wouldn't miss it since the planetarium is the sole building there.

4. KL Bird Park

Though the entry ticket is bit pricey - RM 27 for MyKad holder but it's very worth it. I've been there twice and it never disappointed me.

Maybe I'm an animal lover so it feel really good when I'm feeding the birds. The birds over there don't afraid of human, in fact, they will come after you for food.
Meet Donald and his nephews 

Located in the vicinity of KL Lake Garden, KL Bird Park houses 3,000 birds with over 200 species! Sprawling over 20.9 acres, you need to spend 1-1.5 hours to visit the entire park. 1.5 hours?! Yeah, literally you're inside the world's largest walk-in-free-flight aviary in the world!

5. Cat Cafes

It seems furry-friendly cafes have been brewing in Klang Valley.

Sorry dog lovers, when it comes to furry friends for me, it's exclusive for cats. I'm huge sucker for cats!

Recently, I visited this cat cafe named Purradise in TTDI. To play with cats, you require to purchase a drink @ RM 15 and you're entitled for an hour play time with the cats. RM 3 for subsequent hours.

Located in 24A, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Purradise houses 12 cats that could easily melt your heart.

Meet Brie

One of my favourite, Luna the cat
6. Ice Skating 

To be honest, I'm not a good skater.

I had my first experience on ice back in college time I guess. And good Lord, I have no idea how many times I fell. I thought skating on ice would be cold but I was surprised that I sweat like mad.

Alright, tips for the beginners; balance yourself and move your left foot to 10 o' clock and your right to 2 o' clock - then you will glide.

Aside from Sunway Pyramid and the new IOI City Mall, little did you know that there's an ice skating ring at The Curve. Located at The Royale Bintang hotel, the ice skating ring is rather small but you can skate all day long without any time limit.

Price wise, it's RM 22 for weekdays and RM 25 for weekends. You can even obtain a coach for only RM 55 for half an hour lesson. And this is the best part, you can loan a penguin for only RM 25 to break your fall - which I did.

7. Cycling

I don't go to gym nor exercise. That's why my body grows horizontally recently.

My outdoor sport activities could date back to my high school days during those PE time. But if you want me to name at least one sport activity, it has to be cycling. I don't mean those cycling that travels far far away - cycling in the park. Though it doesn't sound extreme and rather layback but it could really make me exhausted.

One of my favourite spot is Taman Wetlands in Putrajaya. With only RM 4 per hour during weekdays and RM 6 per hour for weekends/public holidays, cycling there it's really satisfying as the buildings and landscapes in Putrajaya are really picturesque.

You may park your bicycle aside and walk up viewing tower
Cycling among the meadow and pond - nice right?
There's even Flamingo pond in Wetland

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