Friday, September 11, 2015

Taking Chances

Today is 911.

Aside from commemorating the tragedy in US, today also marks exactly four years that my ex dumped me.

The moment he dumped me over the phone was simply devastating. He said to me that I should move on but where could I go?

At least the recuperation period was easy and fast one since there was someone that really being there for me throughout the darkest hours and I never could ever forget that.

I turned over a new leaf pretty fast, to be honest. Few months after broke up, sparks fly again. It was splendid and he was a sweet guy but things didn't work out. Depressed for another two years thereafter.

Throughout that period of two years, I swore that I never fell in love again. You see, the trouble with love is that it could really tear you apart. I was so afraid that I could be hurt again.

But then again, now, I'm here writing this blog with my partner beside me.

Be it for love, career or any aspect in your life, there's a juncture that we will be scared and afraid which eventually will make us stop at that particular juncture without going any further.

We feel afraid because of uncertainties. We never know what happen next. Well, we will expect something happening next but that something most likely be contrary to what you want to achieve.

 What do you say to jumping off the edge? Never knowing if there's solid ground below or a hand to hold. I guess most of us will just stay put because we just want to be safe without falling to the solid ground and get hurt or even going straight to hell.

What if you have the bravery to take the plunge and just don't care what happen next. Fortunately, there's a hand to hold below. When you have the bravery to plunge, I believe the self-confidence will ensue. Self-confidence will build one's courage.

What I'm trying to say here is it's okay to be afraid sometimes. But don't let the fear inside of you limits your potential and all the possibilities in this world. I know that the world is a very sad place to live in but since it's already so sad, why take a step further to cast away your fear.

For sure, those courageous steps will take you even further in life.

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