Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Day Like This

It was rather dispiriting when my mom called me earlier.

She told me that my grandfather is diagnosed with fourth stage of cancer. The cancerous cells have spread over his vital organs. He was discharged from the hospital few weeks back because there's no further medical remedies to help. In other words, days are numbered.

It has been tough time for my family since we've lost our beloved grandma earlier this year. And now we are preparing for the worst for my grandpa. It's like a curse to my family.

I know a day like this will come but I never knew it will come too soon. A day like this has taken my smile away from my face. All the good things have come to the end, it seems.

Whenever I scroll down my Facebook, well aside from ranting and complaining about the current government, but most of my friends' postings are telling me how happy they are. Their smiles are so pure and genuine. Sometimes I do ask myself whether the grass on the other side is greener compared to my side.

You see, sometimes I will zone out and reminisce the good old days. I thought as we grow older, we would be happier but it isn't the case. Life was happier back then. I remember the time I knew what happiness was.

Back then, I still had my grandparents. Back then, everything was within my grasp. My life was pretty stable and care free back then. I still can recall the moments that I had with my friends and my lovers and my almost lover too.

Oh well, things changed but it didn't change that well for my case. That's life. I think i should hit the sack. The happier the memory is, the more it hurts.

Since I'm being so melodramatic in this entry, why not I end it with a lullaby.

 If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me would we? Could we?

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