Sunday, September 20, 2015

One Sweet Day

As we were celebrating Malaysia Day (though it was marred by Red Shirt Rally), it wasn't a joyous mood for my family on September 16.

As expected though it came too early, my grandpa has returned to Lord on that fateful day. The funeral wasn't that somber and heavy in tone per say but we were relieved. The sense of relief came as he knew this day would come. He forewarned us not to be sad over his passing as he would ascend to heaven and be with the Lord.

The old man who always  in long sleeve shirt paired with slack has gone. We no longer see him riding the 60s bicycle in the neighbourhood nor seeing him taking afternoon nap in front of the shop.

One of the fondest memories that I had with him is that he would always bring me to those mini theme park/arcades when I was small. If you grown up in Ipoh, you would still remember the amusement park above the Wolley Centre.

He would ask me "You want to go to amusement park upstair?" whenever we dined there.

Of course I said "yes". Amusement park was like Disneyland for me back then. I remember that I always choose this ride, it was like a robot that goes up and down. As I enjoyed the ride happily, my grand pa would stand nearby me and observed me.

Not only that, you still remember the carousel in DR Park? He would gently carried me to reach the white horse and observed me from far while I enjoyed the ride. And of course, those mini theme parks in my neighbourhood. My grand pa never failed to bring me there.

But things have changed. The amusement park above Wolley has become a snooker place. There's no more carousel in DR Park. The empty land which used by the carnies is now a 24-hour McD. Things have changed but his love for his grand son will never change.

After his passing, I no longer have any grand parents. Three of which had lost the battle against cancer.

But thank God as I had the blessing to spend quality time with my grand parents for 20 years over. Every of my grandparents has its own story to share. It was truly an honour and blessing for being their grandson.

Please don't be sad if you have lost your grandparents. Like this song goes, "I know you're shinning down on me from heaven"

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