Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekly Update: Sorry State of Malaysia

Being a Malaysian today could never been challenging until recent years.

Let's go to weekly update.

We've found the missing piece?

D.S. Najib said that Malaysian experts conclusively confirmed the debris found in Reunion Island off Indian Ocean was indeed part of MH 370. So has the one of the greatest mystery in aviation history has been solved?

Don't think so since only Malaysian experts had made the statement so far. To be certain, let's wait for French experts to announce their conclusion first - well, you know experts from Malaysia are not that credible.

Even the timing of this discovery is questionable since Najib is in troubles lately. Even if the debris was from MH 370, it is just a tiny jigsaw to solve the whole puzzle. The other parts of the plane is still missing. Even we found most of the parts, another question will arise - why it went down?

Ladies and Gentlemen, The King of Donation

The politics situation in Malaysia is similar to soap opera, full of drama and twists. But sadly, the antagonist still wins the day.

Apparently, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commisision (MACC) has announced that RM 2.6 billion in D.S Najib's personal account had come from donors and not from the state fund of 1MDB.

Though the beleaguered Prime Minister is cleared as he claimed but not entirely though. Who were the donors? Why he needed such huge amount of money? By claiming that he is 'cleared'- is he intimidating MACC to stop the investigation?

Apparently, with that amount the money, he has become one of the richest men in Malaysia. Congrates, Najib.

The King of Donation is BOILING!

Apparently, D.S. Najib was 'boiling' to read the nasty comments and false allegations on him in the social media. As usual, he put the blame on the Opposition.

He never realized that the Malaysians are boiling too for living in a unsettled situation for so many years ever since he took the helm. He also never realised that the rakyat need not Opposition to elucidate on what's going on in the country - the rakyat has eyes and well-minded enough to read between the lines.

Being attack in the social media so how to counter attack? So the cry baby called upon the UMNO members to retaliate in social members. Seriously, as the leading political party in Malaysia, Najib instructed his members to launch retaliation on freedom of speech instead of serving the rakyat.

Cow Baby

Stupidity reigns again in Malaysia thanks to this host from TV3's Fiqh Wanita by the name Fatimah Syarha. Apparently, the topic in her show was breastfeeding. To make herself to sound a little smarter, she added that babies can absorb bovine's DNA via cow's milk and eventually that babies who consume cow's milk will become bad tempered in the future.

Albert Einstein in making indeed. Seriously, this is so dumb. If our bodies can absorb animal DNA via its meat or drinks then we will have wings since we consume chicken most of the time? Or will we have fins to swim since we consume fish?

KL City Grand Prix

So Malaysia had this inaugural KL City Grand Prix in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Since, it's a street race, few of the major roads in the city were closed to accommodate the race. According to the organizer GT global Race Sdn Bhd, the three-day street race would create 750 jobs and generate RM 750 million in economic spillover effect.

Is it worth it? I don't know but those folks in KL really had to pay the price - inconvenience to commute to work, worst still, some of the working folks in downtown KL were forced to take annual leave since the traffic in city was shut down. You be the judge.

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