Friday, August 28, 2015

When Somebody Loved You

How many of you will open the nofitication in Facebook which alerts you on the memories you had with who and who today.

It's a mixed feeling to open the notification. It's rather guilty to look at yourself back then when you were used to be skinny. Look at you now, you have grown horizontally.

Notifications are not meant to be opened since it would flashback those memories that you had with someone you loved before.

I know life is about moving forward but some fragments of the past could be nostalgic sometimes. It really warmed my heart for a mere second when I opened an notification few days ago. It was those silly memories that I used to have with someone who treated me so dearly. But oh well, maybe I'm not meant for him, so we didn't get together eventually. 

Now he's attached with someone else...just hate that bitch who stole my ex-baby away. Just joking - to be honest, I'm very happy for them whenever I see their lovey dovey Facebook postings. At least he is happy.

Whereas for me, I'm also attached. Yay?

There are so many postings in Facebook from my friends/acquitances who are always lamenting that they are still single and lonely.

Please don't be. Having a relationship is not fireworks and celebration everyday. You still need to work and still need to face the ugly part of reality. Romance never long lives. Quarrels are inevitable. Having a relationship is not the absolute cure for loneliness. 

My dear lads, please don't rush for relationship. Feelings and excitement may blind you sometimes in searching for ' the one'. Let me share you one tip, the moment when you realize and assure that you could give part of your life to that very someone and that very someone could take the lead when you are not able to, let me tell you one thing, that very someone is most likely could 'the one' for you.

Don't  know why I'm being emo writing this entry. Let's end the night with an emo song by Jay Chou...

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