Sunday, July 5, 2015

Love Wins

It's 4th of July, let's unleash the fireworks!!

It must be very happening to be gay in America. The land of the free just made gay marriage to be legal nationwide last week. And today, they are celebrating fourth of July. It's like euphoria sweeping the gay community over there.

On the other hand, it's summertime sadness here back in Malaysia. I think everyone here is rather annoyed with recent petrol hike, an old witch trying to be Cinderella, $700 million of people's money flowed into someone's personal account and the list goes on.

Indeed, it's really a dark cloud of worries and aggravation blanketing Malaysia for past recent years.

While you might experienced our Facebook turned into Rainbow but the joyful Rainbow colours did not translate the sentiment of being a gay in Malaysia.

Please don't even have a slightest thought to have an acceptance and recognition for living an alternative lifestyle here.

Alright, I don't want to dive into politics and religion here. But let me ask you this, don't you feel like those gay folks in Malaysia are living in a template.

Just scroll down your Facebook (if you happen to be gay), those gay's postings mostly revolve around these:

  • Telling the whole world that they are at gym 
  • Showcasing their poverty until the extend that they can't afford to buy shirts
  • Food, food and food (I'm guilty of this)
  • Travelogue (I love this!)
  • Emo Queen Wannabe
  • Bimbo who tries to outdo Kim K
I know it's alright to post all the stuff above but I don't know - feel like there's no active movement to champion our rights. I know we don't have any rights here but at least champion our voice?

What the hell right? I could not bother more coz we have this assumption someone up there in the future will speak for us.

Anyway, my bud is giving his partner a big surprise birthday tomorrow. Sometimes, I do really envy them for being so sweet to each other. I always believe that being sweet to your partner doesn't have to be lavish.

At least taking initiative to do something different or even special for your partner without asking him/her. I know you might afraid that your partner will not like the plan which you have intention to do for him/her - well, if you understand your partner well, this will not be an issue.

It's July and it's my favourite month of the year. Make this month special. 

Since the wedding bells are about to ring with its great resonance, here's a song for the gay folks in America and it's one of my favourite love songs...

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