Monday, November 14, 2016

Mr. President

On the fateful morning of November 9, 2016, we were awaken by the rude shock of that Donald Trump was leading in the election. Our excitement and anticipating were diminished in the later afternoon that day.

With the cloudy sky along with little water droplets in the air from the drizzle, it was a devastating Wednesday afternoon. Donald Trump has won the election and he would be taking over from Obama to be the President of United States of America.

Being a staunch supporter to Hillary Clinton, I joined the tone of disbelief, shock and disappointment of the result. We were so sure that we would win the election but sadly, we didn't.

Well, Americans had chosen. Even the winning candidate doesn't favour us but this is how democracy works. I think Americans have lot to learn from Malaysians by having a ruling government that majority of Malaysians that did not vote for. Trust me, your four years will be irksome like we are having now.

There's no point for resentment nor mourning for the loss, we've got to move on and hope for the best. 

Though we hate Donald Trump so much for being such a racist, sexist and even narcissist but for me, he is an one helluva though guy. He did his campaign all alone even the Republicans did not support him and in the end, he won.

So the election is over, works go on and life moves one. For the one last time, Kate McKinnon, ladies and gentlemen - "I'm not giving up, neither should you"

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