Monday, November 28, 2016

We're lovin' it

Come 30th November 2016, Ipoh folks will bid farewell to their first  McDonald's.

If you were born in 80s and 90s and you lived in Ipoh, I believe this news is rather hard for you to swallow. This is not a regular McD. This McD played a big part in our childhood. As we learnt that the restaurant is closing down, our  cherished childhood memories are like the chalk drawing on the blackboard that we are so reluctantly to wipe it off.

This 30-year old fast food restaurant, occupying at a majestic building in the middle of city, is a time capsule that brings us back to our childhood.

I would be the happiest kid on earth whenever my mother brought me there. I remember that McEgg (different from today version) would be definitely my first choice of order. I still could recall that the packaging for Happy Meal was so attractive that you could build a house where the toys lived in. There was a upstairs during early days in which there would be a yellow slide and children balls pool waiting for me. Not forgetting the ice cream corner underneath the staircase in which the cream was much taller.

These were the memories for my childhood. It felt so innocent, joyful and carefree every time I recall it. Whose childhood memories weren't happy to be recalled?

I went there yesterday, it was filled with people. People were taking photos and they brought their younger children along. I bet those mummy and daddy were telling their children;

 "Son, this was the happiest place when I was a kid".

As I was queuing to make my order, so many memories flashing since the counter is still at the same place as before. I remember my mom would carry me up to choose my order back then. I was able to stand tall to make my order - well, she was looking for a place. Indeed I've grown up.

Memories are past and there's no valid reason for us to hold it on. The past is a handful of dust. It filters through your fingers little by little.

Thank you so much for the memories and you have left a mark in every Ipoh people's heart. You will be missed.

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