Thursday, July 10, 2014

Footballers of World Cup 2014

So the football fever or samba fever most of us call it is about to come to an end. It was such a shocking twist that the hopeful Brazil didn't make it into final - in fact, it was such a big humiliation that Germany grilled them down to 7:1. I didn't watch the match but people said if you put the Malaysian team, Malaysian team will barely lose like 2:0 to Brazil. Yes, it was that bad.

Alas, the team that i bet on France lost in the quarterfinal - well, at least my luck wasn't that bad. Come on, i know nothing about football and i simply bet a team that went into quarterfinal. Not bad right? Unlike some people who bet on Spain....

Anyhoo, i know nothing about football but i know couple of things about footballers. Oh yeah, when it comes to boys, ain't no one better than me. So who is your fantasy footballer from the World Cup? Who is the sexiest footballer that you are praying that he will score a goal and rip his shirt off in celebration?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the  footballers of World Cup 2014 Brazil:

Neymar - come on, give some face to the host nation. Though he's not those hunky type but i like mediocre look

Ronaldo has always been my favourite footballer - sexy and cool...ok, i know some might not agree with me but give this lad some credit for his haircut...apparently, his bizarre haircut was a tribute to a child's brain surgery scar. I think he still has the nicest body among other footballers.

Columbia not only has Shakira but also cute and boyish James Rodriguez

                                 French Olivier Giroud - he look like Carlisle Cullen from Twilight

And the entire Spain and Italy team hahaha.....It's getting late. So before i'm signing off, all the best to Germany!!!


  1. hmm...James Rodriguez looks damn fine.
    I bet the semi finalists were brazil, germany, holland and belgium.
    i just got one wrong. not bad for a non-footbal fan.

  2. so u bet on germany or argentina later?

  3. so u bet on germany or argentina later?

  4. germany won baby, and i have got some people to treat me lunch cuz i won the bet :-)
    not bad for a non-football fan homo huh?