Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gay Bimbo

If someone asks me who is my role model - definitely gonna be Kim Kardashian. Come on, she and her family members are doing nothing in their lives but yet they are so rich. And look, the mom is a pimp who selling off her daughters. I mean seriously, i don't know what is the hype about that family. The whole Hollywood entertainment revolves around the family for doing nothing but just drama.

So if you wanna be rich and famous, two tips: accidentally leak your self-made porn or you just be a super bimbo and there you go, the fame is yours. Trust me, i watched couple of episodes of Keeping Up With Kardashians and my gosh, it drove me to be a bimbo-wannabe.

I do admit i could be bimbo sometimes or maybe most of the time.I can't fry an egg, i don't know how to defrost frozen food, i can't pronounce the word 'simultaneously' and when it comes to hardware or gadget set up, it will take hours to days.

But talking about bimbo, there's a hogger in my Facebook - i have no idea how on earth he is in my friend list but this fag is the epitome of a bimbo. Not being a cyber bully here, i'm just sharing some of his postings for us to share some laughter:

  • "is been 1 week didn't tfk (masturbate) but still not feel horny, is it sign of ageing"
  • "i notice my nipple position become lower and lower, is that mean my chest become bigger?"
  • "again sleepless night,  forgotten green tea got caffeine inside" 

You be the judge. 


  1. - there's nothing wrong if he wants to discuss sex if he is concerned because
    discussing about sex is healthy, but he better ask the experts and not post it
    on his FB wall, that's just, TMI.
    - that nipple comment is totally unnecessary, so sohai...
    - green tea does have caffeine but it's not that much that could cause insomnia.
    - this gay must be an attention seeking whore.

    1. more like u know...the L on the forehead kinda ppl