Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmases When You Were Mine

CareerCast has listed the 5 Most Stressful Job in 2013. And i'm not suprised that my profession is in the list. In the public eye, you may see us in glamorous lifestyle like dining in the finest restaurants and rubbing shoulders with prominent people in town but at the workplace, we embrace the philosophy of FML to be honest.

It was a rather tormenting week for me this week. The onslaught of emails which would be deadly if i didn't read thoroughly. And don't forget, PR is a thankless job. The client will merely thank you if the coverage is in Kosmo full-page and as you gear up with your running shoes to the victory lap, the client will pull you back and ask "What about The Star?"

Nevertheless, though i was secluded myself in the war room, it was touching to see my colleagues to buy me food, drinks, fruits and even words of encouragement that meant so much to me.

After the dust settle next week, i guess it's time for me to do some retail therapy for Christmas. I know i sound like a bimbo here but i need some therapy to complement the energy that i have been channeled to my work. Just joking, yes, i'll be doing massive shopping but it's for Chinese New Year.

So where will you be for Christmas' Eve?

You always wanted that very person to spend the night before Christmas with you but you know it won't happen. So as the days draw closer, you expect that your Christmas wish comes true but it flies away from the reach, so you run away in your sleep and dream of Christmas wish.

But when you wake up to reality you just want to take down the mistletoe.

I know this shouldn't be a lonely Christmas but there were Christmases when you were mine. I've been doing fine without you. However, as the night gets colder and as when everyone is celebrating, for me it's just a lonely time because I miss you the most on Christmas. I wonder where you will be on 24th night,

There were Christmases when I didn't wonder how you are tonight cause there were Christmases when you were mine.


  1. so are you single and available now?
    you're so ordinary cute, just my type. :-)
    merry early christmas to you!