Sunday, December 8, 2013

Perfect Christmas

Gosh, my work is extremely stressful lately until my Christmas mood is literally shadowed by my workload. I thought December supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but why FML is apparent on my forehead now?

I have barely 8 to 9 hours before i'm preoccupied myself with my work again, so let's talk about Christmas.

I'm pretty sure the common question that forwarded to you would be mostly  "How are you going to celebrate your Christmas?"

Some may be bold enough to fight for a place at those fancy restaurants. Some may rather want private moment and just spend the silent night at home. 

Let me see, for past three years, I celebrated my Christmas at restaurants with feasts which was hurtful for my pocket. So this year, it would be great if my partner could unleash his culinary expertise and cook a simple Christmas dinner for me at home. Nah, i don't have any partner. 

The bothering question is not where but with whom. 

Don't talk about me, what about you? Lonely Christmas? Romantic Christmas with your another half or quality time with family?

I know who is on your mind whenever i raise this topic. But i have stopped dreaming. It won't happen. I don't think I'm lucky enough to celebrate with him coz you know, he has a better significant that worthy of his time on Christmas Eve. 

Not emo over it. Just getting over it. Or maybe there is someone better pop up underneath the mistletoe in my room? I know words on the streets will be heard that Santa's coming, reindeer flying through the sky so high with the sleigh bells ring up the night. But i won't be bothered because my Christmas present couldn't be found in his sleigh. Coz the greatest gift that there could be that wrapped underneath my Christmas tree; would be the same my whole life through - I'd spend the perfect Christmas with you.


  1. i have never ever spent valentine's, christmas, CNY or birthdays with that special someone for the past 29 years of my life.
    it sucks to be gay and ugly.

    1. i don't think CNY need to be celebrated with someone special