Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

It was rather dishearterning when i scrolled down my Facebook and read all those lonely lonely posts. I felt you guys because i was once like you before. It really sucks to be alone and lonely at home when the whole world is celebrating.

Please don't be. Christmas is not about feast, is not about big celebration. Though matter of fact is the celebration of the Jesus Christ birth , why not we take this significant day to reflect ourselves how blessed we are from His grace and blessing. Please don't emo today, let our hearts rejoice in Him today.

I know sometimes you wish that person could spend the Christmas Eve. To be honest, i also wished that he could celebrate the Christmas Eve with me. But sometimes you have to wake up and realize it won't happen and move on. There is no such thing called "perfect ending" on perfect day. Please have a litlle bit of self-dignity, screw him and move on.  

Anyway, i didn't have feast or major celebration this year. I just had Bubba Gump and Starbucks and that was it. Further than that, well, you have to ask me personally. I wonder who was the mysterious guy who celebrated Xmas with me...hmmmp....

So back to my Christmas Eve, so i was sitting at the Starbucks around 9.30 pm and i was nearly washed away. Washed away by waves of sea creature which categorized as clams or lala in Malaysia's colloquial. Seriously,i had no idea where they came from and they were congregating at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid. I was pretty sure that they were there to do countdown. Hello, this is not new year, what to countdown? Countdown to the birth of Jesus? I bet that they had no idea what Christmas is all about. Maybe thier answer would go something like celebrating the existence of Santa Clause? Since they like to countdown so much, why never countdown for Chinese New Year? 

I shouldn't complain that much on Christmas Day. So since today it's Christmas, do light up your heart and home with joy, Merry Christmas.

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