Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life is like a movie

Every year, for a day like today I would imagine myself that I'm an audience witnessing some sort of award show, Oscar per say.

If lucky enough, that I would be one of the nominees for best performance in a movie called "Life". Well, the genre is mixture bit of pieces of everything: romance, horror, comedy, drama and emo. 

A nomination for best performance is like a manifestation for my efforts that I have been sowing for past one year.

I know I'm not qualified enough to hear my name being called as the presenters open the envelope as I believe there are many aspects of Life that I need to learn. 

My achievements thus far (if any) do not provide me a slightest moment of being proud. There is nothing I can proud of honestly.

So every year, I'm just sitting in the audience and give a round of applause to the winner.

This is not a setback but it's rather a gentle reminder for me to go a step or two steps further.

I know sitting in the audience without walking any trophy home can be disappointing but I believe those people sitting in the audience will one day walk to the stage and receive life time achievement award.

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, my entry for my 22nd birthday.

My birthday wish for this year is to be a man with a mind, a bitch with an attitude, and a gay with class.

 So before I end this significant entry, let's hear a birthday song.

Her beauty is classy. Her fame is immortal. And her name is legendary. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Marilyn Monroe 


  1. you're just 22!!??
    i thought you're 26-27!'re still cute and fuckable :-)