Friday, January 17, 2014

When Queen Bee Turns to Ogre

Let's rise and mourn for the death of a friendship. A minute of silence please...

Wait a minute, what mourning, it should be a celebration!! Yahoo!!!

Well, without any regrets and without any remorse, i'm delighted to announce that my friendship with my ex-BFF (bimbo fucktard friend) has over. Not only me, my group of friends, also decided to stay away from him.

The internal source told me that he needed to re-evaluate our friendship as  he was offended and dissatisfied of many things that i or we did for example:

  • I did not buy him Ambercrombie & Fitch when i was traveling in Hong Kong
  • My other two close friends prioritize their respective lovers over him and he felt neglected
  • We didn't care about him when he was admitted to hospital. Apparently, he was unable to post the update that he was admitted, so he asked his housemate to post the status for him and he would want to see who were the one who concerned about him. WTF?! Such an attention whore. For his case, his housemate should help him to put more hashtags in the status like #ineedattention #someonepleasecomment #doyoucareaboutme 
  • This is the most serious: he said that one of my close friends dislike/dissatisfied about me. I know my close friend very well, if he sees something amiss about me, he will definitely voice out to me. I'm afraid that he will spread lies or do something distasteful to spoil the friendship between me and my other close friends. You would never know what a beast can do.
  • I jealous of his earning which is higher than me. Come on, i have numerous ex-classmates who are doctors and dentists, should i be jealous of them? No, i'm proud of them. Seriously, none of my business if he earns higher than me. 
  • Apparently, his close friend could lend him money although she was jobless that time. That being said, we would not do the same and offer him the equal quality of help and concern to him. Help and concern are two entities come from the heart and sincerity, how could one measure it and compare? Making comparison in friendship is the biggest mistake in one's friendship.
There you go. The end of a friendship. Let's celebrate!! 

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