Monday, January 6, 2014

My Love is the Shhh...

It’s pretty tough to be a gay guy nowadays huh.

You need to have an angel-carved face and a scrumptious body to stay ahead in the community. Or else, you will sink to the bottom at the sea and isolated from the gay community. Maybe some kind-hearted divers will dive for you which I think it’s very rare.

And also, fags love to shout about how many people are after them. Well, I don’t blame them coz who doesn't love attention and also to boost the self-confidence by shouting to the world how sought-after they are.

I’m sure you have watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and there was a line by Sean Penn, “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention

That line was simply beautiful.

Come to think of it, if you have that look, I believe you posted a word, everyone will press the button “like”.

I’m a low profile boy in this People Like Us community, so I don’t have the experience when galore of men chasing me. If I were hunted by men, I think I would be very arrogant. Nah, I won’t feel anything because like Sean Penn said in the movie, attention is unnecessary here.

I would not even tell the world that I’m attached and make a roar about it in Facebook. Because this community is small and everyone is scrutinizing each other. One step of a mistake, the people around will blow the issue out of the proportion. Eventually, with all the lies and hypes, this will lead to misjudgment to end the relationship.

But on contrary, sometimes looking at those lovey-dovey pictures, make me so envy and sometimes I can’t really wait to post my partner picture in Facebook. But after second thought, I shouldn't’t. 


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you, pal! Being in the PLU circle in this country is exhausting 'cuz I'm not the blessed fag with good looks and a great body. Really, really hard. I have low self esteem and I am only interested in Chinese guys but I don't think chinese guys are into other races. It is a never ending quest for me to find that special someone, and it is hard cuz I don't do Grindr or Jackd (i'm not a slut). Sigh. Anyways, I like this post, you hit it in the bull's eye.

    1. thanks for reading =)

      Mind to share what race are you?

      Indeed, PLU is a very shallow circle.

    2. Thanks for replying, most bloggers don't even bother to do so.
      I'm of mixed race (Sino-Kadazan-Malay), unfortunately, I'm malay on my IC. And yes, PLU is a very shallow circle, it's hard to even make friends with our own kind.

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