Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Friends VS Lovers

Friends and lovers are both equally important - if you ever need to choose which one is more significant, what will be your take?

Well, most of us will choose lovers of course because we have the passion and commitment towards our lovers.Friends? Friends are based on camaraderie and mutual respect (or bitching in my case) and the quality time spent together as companion. 

I believe you had this situation before: Your friend or your close friend prioritize his/her lover more than you. How do you feel?

I had this many situations before where my planned outing with my friends was cancel due to their lovers suddenly and abruptly popped up and  wanted to spend time with my friends. I even got ffk (being ditched) when i already reached the designated place for the meet up. Of course i felt angry. But my anger was short-lived.Because i see things in bigger picture, why end the friendship when it was a small matter. I know my friends should be blamed on this but how should i punish them? Poke them with pitchfork?

I'm not joking here but some people are just plain sissy and shallow, they will end the friendship if they feel neglected from their friends who prioritize lovers first.

Those people need to rethink their position - they are just friends, not queen bee. The world doesn't revolve around one singular person. Who the hell they think they are? We hold no obligation to accommodate them in every single damn thing.