Sunday, February 2, 2014

Open Your Heart

After many heartbreaks, many of us would swear to God that never fall in love again.

Not to say that i don't want to fall in love again. I believe love is the most wonderful experience until you can sing Beyonce's Love On Top out loud. 

I don't want to be emo in this entry, so let's be little positive about my love life. Well, i had failed relationships thrice and i had numerous almost relationships over the years. I guess they were too blind to realize how good Alvin Jude was. Let's put it this way, those who broke my heart are northern star to me who will lead the way to one's lovely open arms. 

To be honest, i have been very reserving whenever there is a slight of interest over the guys that i met. But there is always a reminder in me to pull me back from going a step further. Well, it's a good thing to be reserve so you would not have to risk another heartbreak again.

But then again, life is all about taking chances right? Let's jump over the edge to see whether there is a solid ground below or a hand to hold.

I'm not telling you to go head over heels in taking chances. Maybe know the person better first? This is the tricky part, even you think you know the person well but people do change. Since we are not God to see the future, we have no idea people will remain the same or change for the worse.

I'm talking too much here. why not text the person that you like and date him/her out for Valentine's Day and sing Love On Top out loud!!

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