Wednesday, February 19, 2014

August Gay

Sometimes I really need to reflect my verbal communication etiquette. I can be so mean with my words most of the time. I'm not a meanie but just being outspoken or as how my boo labels it 'critical thinking'.

One of my favourite targets gotta be my ex-friend. His daily posting is like daily entertainment for me - it triggers me to polish my level of sarcasm. And apparently, no one wished him happy birthday :( The only person who wished him was his mom...awww...poor thing....I didn't wish him though coz i failed in his re-evaluation of being his friend. You don't expect some stranger pop up in front of you and wish you happy birthday right?

Anyhow, I also like to target those gay people. I know right, being gay and attack those gay people back. Seriously, if you scroll down my Facebook, you would know how i feel. The postings are either gym or swim or selfie without shirt on or new shirt on - can they like post something new or something thought-provoking that can portray gay community a lot smarter and more august? 

I'm not a warlord in this community so i don't dictate what a gay should do. But thank God that most of my gay friends are a bunch of modest, reserved and smart people. That's why I'm so proud to have them.

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  1. can i hang out with your bunch of gay friends?
    i hate those loud attention seeking whore gays. they're very superficial and selfish.