Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CNY: Celebration This Year

When was your last movie with your parents?

Recently or ages ago?

For my case, i watched all Chinese New Year movies this year with my mom (the best CNY movie is Vegas to Macau followed by The Journey). It's rather a heartwarming scene to see a whole family from little kids to grandmas and grandpas watching a movie together and sharing the laughter together in cinema.

The laughter isn't confined within the cinema but echoes out loud at the restaurants and even in the living halls.

That's what Chinese New Year is all about. The quality time spent together as a family and the valuable catching up with old pals.

Seriously, we have been working our asses off in this dog-eat-dog world to earn some decent money.

Yes,we can buy all the materials in the world with the money we earn but one thing we can't buy - the joy of laughter that you share with your family members and friends - it's priceless.

I guess we are pretty caught up with our work and that's why the only time we can share those laughter is during those festive seasons. Or shall we allocate more time for the ones we love the most?

Ok, i admit that i'm like an old uncle here and talk about life. Let me share some pictures that i took during CNY celebrations:

Simple and humble reunion dinner

Breaking the usual practice of counting down at home, this year, my family counting down to the new year at My Astro CNY Countdown concert at Kuan Yin Temple, Ipoh.

Like what every fag in Ipoh will do every year on the first day of CNY, the gay gathering at Friends Cafe. I only looked but i never touched.


My mom said this plant only blooms once in a blue moon - And it bloomed on the first day of CNY, what a good omen.

And of course, CNY will lose its meaning if without any loud bang!

Had my brew and catching up with old pals at Something's Brewing. Like any other years, the class gathering lives on. This year is a special one since it marks the 10th anniversary of our first met. Time really flies.  I still can recall that our conversation at the first class gathering was about getting into the university/college. As the years gone by, our topic ranges from study life/exam to work. And now, we talk about marriage.  I bet few years soon, our children will join the class gathering.

So this pretty sums up my simple Chinese New Year celebration. I guess the next festive celebration will be Christmas which long long way to go. Wait a minute, next Friday is Valentine's Day. For the first time after so many years, I'm celebrating it but don't get me wrong, I'm not attached just that i have a date for Valentine hehehe.

Anyhow, today is Chor 6, tomorrow will be Yan Yat, so i wish everyone of you Happy Birthday and have a prosperous Chinese New Year.

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