Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lips Inches Away

How was your Valentine's Day?

Mine was a stressful and messy one. But at least i could spend the night with him and i could not ask for more.

I always wonder have we really lost our minds to become this close. We are not officially together coz none of us is ready for relationship. Having said that, I'm not taking him as my temporary partner to fill in my spare time or taking him as my fling. In fact, i'm exploring opportunities to forge a committed and serious relationship. But I'm not in hurry for a re
relationship though.

Don't bother so much for time being, just enjoy the moments. Come to think of it, he is totally opposite of my type physically - it's like the joke of the century if we were together, i mean officially together. Physically aspects won't last long in a relationship coz there is no fountain of youth. But at least he is not ordinary gay man (well, he doesn't flash his body off in Facebook)  he's smart, sarcastic, witty,mean and disgusting.

I never really wished him properly on  Happy Valentine's Day (except the Nice Butt card). I'm not good in those lovey dovey words - so make it short and sweet. Everytime i see your puzzled eyes and the gap between us becomes closer and closer, lips inches away - honestly, there's nowhere else, i rather be. Thank you <3

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