Monday, February 10, 2014

Yes. Feb 14

"My name is Sue, I came to Adelaide in 2010 to study. I really really miss Chinese New Year in Malacca".

I know it's a very touching video from Cadbury but i have been listening the line above for thousand times whenever I'm surfing Youtube during Chinese New Year period and even now and it's killing me. Alright, we know who Sue is and she went to Australia to study 2010 - CNY is almost over, can someone remove the video? Or put my version better:

"My name is Alvin, I'm from Ipoh. I really really miss Chinese New Year coz i can eat a lot, gamble and literally sleep before dawn almost everyday during Chinese New Year period".

Aside from Youtube and CNY movies and hanging out with my friends, CNY for me now is less exciting now compared to last time. And I have a bad news for those who took a week long CNY break, your Monday blues tomorrow is gonna be overwhelming and I know you are reading this hahaha.

Anyhow, as CNY celebration is slowing fading away as approaching the Chap Goh Meh this Friday, bear in my mind that we have another celebration this Friday; Valentine's Day.

It's pretty disheartening to see those fags lamenting their single hood and dateless on Valentine's Day. Come on, is it such a bad thing to be single?

Even you have a partner also, why there is a need to be extra good and extra romantic on Feb 14? If you love a person so much, everyday is Valentine's Day for you. Maybe we are too busy with work until we forget our sentimental values with our lovers. So Feb 14 is a reminder that your lover exists in your life and you need to make that night special for her/him.

Seriously, I never have a chance to celebrate in Valentine's Day in KL before but i bet every restaurant will be packed and the flowers will be sold at sky-rocket price. Everything is so commercialized now.

Well, let say I have a partner, i have to be honest, I'm not that romantic kinda person, so  my Valentine's Day will be very very simple like eating burgers? Gift wise, come on, you don't expect me to buy flowers to a guy right? ( i know Bruno Mars told me to do so). I really don't know. Maybe I'll give my partner some stuff from the CNY hamper or left over biscuits. If you have better economical ideas for Valentine's Day, please do share with me.

I think i should stop writing now as the more i write, the cheaper i go.So before i end this entry, whoever wake up on my bed on February 15 morning , this little song is for you:

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