Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Disturbing Gay Behaviour in Facebook

Irritating. Annoying. Disturbing. Disgusting. Unpleasant.

I’ve lost the entire adjective to describe the gay behavior in Facebook. Nevertheless, this is not gay bashing entry. I believe this sort of behavior makes you guys so special compared those heterosexuals.

I blog this entry few years ago. Gosh, your behavior still hasn’t changed?

It’s really entertaining to observe you guys behavior in Facebook. Though I’m living an alternative lifestyle but still – it really makes sick. No offence to my queer friends, Im just being outspoken to express my observation, I believe you and me share the common observation too.

Check-in at gym

I’m not a gym goer so I don’t understand the excitement of check-in at gym. Are those gyms giving some sort of promotion for those who check-in? Sorry for being rude, but I always have this mindset that gay guys are bunch of sluts. So I presume when they check –in at their respective gym, is it a sign that to notify to another gay that they are at the same place? So they will meet up for drinks after workout followed by sex. Okay, just ignore the courtesy; just have sex at the shower room immediately!


I would go easy on this because I’m one of them too! Please snap with limitation or else, you would reported as ‘abuse’ by your friends in Facebook. I see nothing wrong to snap your pictures to share it with your friends and make them annoyed. Hey, that’s me. That’s me again. Me again with different angle. Ops! Another one!

Cam-whore in the dressing room.

Why on earth you wanna tell the world that you are trying new clothes? Seeking for comments on which shirt to buy when you are indecisive? OR you are too poor to buy that clothes, so you snap a picture and telling yourself that shirt was once on my body.

Cam-whore at gym

Good. Keep up the good work. Once you have that nice figure, your body is mine. For the love of God, what ‘s the excitement of taking your body picture at the gym? Are you promoting the facilities of the gym that can shape your body until that extend or are you promoting your own body so you can raise your market value before someone purchase your body?

Status that no one cares

“It’s time to sleep” “I love my undies” “I cut my fringe today” “I’m broke” “Going home now” – Seriously, those status are the words coming from attention whores. I’m really surprised that people do really care those status and ‘like’ it. Honestly, they give attention to those no-one-cares-status because of the look/nice body. If you were born with shit face, I don’t think people would take notice on your status as you don’t have the look to come with it. This is a real gay community that we’re living in.

I’m a bimbo

“Today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday then Sunday comes afterwards” Seriously, where are those smart and demure gay dudes? I’m getting more Rebeccas in my FB. If you’re already a bimbo please don’t shout out loud to the world to manifest yourself. I recently read a status that this gay lad went to a gym and put his thousand ringgit worth of wallet in the locker. Showing off or pure bimbo? Who on earth would put LV wallet in the locker since the security at gym is questionable? Can they go back to the lala land? Sometimes I wish those bimbos are like iphone game, once you tap, they are gone. Tap! Tap! Tap!

This is my tit-tit!! Yay!

“How’s my tits? Pointed and pinkish, cute right?” The most annoying behavior is showing the shirtless body to the entire world. What for? Two schools of thought here – to share tips on how to build a nice body and its development OR showing off the skin so can hook up on the bed. Sorry, I have this mindset that most of the gays are a bunch of slut, so I would assume that they are enticing on the possible man or men so they can have some fun. I should thank them for providing me soft porn – type the specific name out in FB, then eureka! Time for gentle liquid flow down there. When I’m looking at their shirtless pictures, I’m like in the wet market , those lean fresh mean hanging on the hook waiting to be bought and to be eaten at home. Please button up, your body is for your lover or some strangers on your bed. Sometimes, I really wanna ask them ‘how much’.Do you know that there are many gay porn based blogs out there which grab your sexy pictures and put in their own website?

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