Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Living Years

Have you ever mused about life?

I know the term "the meaning of life is..." sounds really cliche but have we ever paused awhile in our busy and hectic life to fill in the blank above.

For certain, people have different views about life - some may choose to embrace the spirit of YOLO, some may preoccupy themselves to find way to El Dorado. You may call it love sick but some or may most of us will refer life as our partner and our family. 

You see, we have many views about life, the way to live it and the way to lead it. That's why there are so disagreements in this world. If tolerance over disagreements has reached its limits, hell broke loose; wars, genocides, terrorism, racism, discriminations - to name a few.

Don't ask me, I'm not wise enough to give a definite answer for what life is. I think it should be colourful and beautiful. 

But it will be very hypotical to have sunshine everyday. Bitterness still haunts us regardless we are barefoot poor or lavishly rich. No matter how bitter our day is, we still need to move on. You're not alone. You still have family members. You still have friends. You have your partner beside you.

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