Saturday, June 4, 2016

Not Today

[Spoiler Alert]

The cinema hall went eerily silent as William Traynor stayed firmed and adamant on his decision to have euthanasia no matter how hard Louisa Clark persuaded him not to do so.

The moment Lou walked into William's room for the final words and final look, I could hear the audience sobbed weakly as if they were down with running nose suddenly. I have to admit here that I could not hold back my tears either when William sang Lou's favourite song before he ended his life.

Yupe, I'm talking about Me Before You, which currently showing in the cinema. Please bring two packets of tissue with you because the movie is really a tearjerking. But on other hand, you will really enjoy the romantic spark between Lou and William. It is really funny how both of them teasing each other. And you will admire the undying support from  Lou to William just to make him to change his mind.

[Spoiler Ends]

I really admired William. Well, aside from being super hottie, he also managed to give himself a timeline on when to give up his life.

"Don't give up" - We learned this phrase ever since we were little. These three words  will be leading our lives ahead. I know we should adopt this determination spirit for us to grow and for us to achieve more but is it okay to give up?

I really don't know. Maybe it's my ego, I always see "giving up" is something that implies you are loser and useless. But after this movie, giving up is not always a bad connotation after all.

It's okay to give up. Giving up doesn't mean that you are loser. Giving up means that you know that you have tried very hard but your effort didn't achieve what you really wanted. When you are at this point, you would realize things are not working and it is not meant for you. Giving up means you are wise enough to realize that you are not going to waste any more time. Instead, you are encourage to take another venture into something else that you believe that would be workable for you, at least higher chances to achieve it.

There are many things we could give up like giving up in pursuing the person that you like. If he or she doesn't show any interest on you, just give up and move on. There are plenty potentials out there. You could even give up on your lover. I know love is eternity but he/she is just your lover, not your spouse, they are not irreplaceable. If you are not happy in the relationship, i don't see any point to maintain it, if the efforts by both parties are not working, just give up.

The other thing you could give up is your job. I know we are very ambitious and want to be successful in our career and that is given. Job should be taken seriously but when you realize the job you are doing is not really you want as in the passion dies off, please don't waste time and don't waste your company time and effort. Quit and find another job that you really really want.

Let me tell you this, when you are leaving your job, you are just leaving your physical workstation. Maybe your colleagues will miss you, maybe for few days. The ugly fact is that the company will find someone to replace your workstation and replace you. The company is still generating revenue with or without you.

However, when you leave your parents and move out from your hometown to work, you are leaving your home. Your parents will miss you each and every single day. They could not find someone to replace you. They do not need any revenue from you, they just want your presence and concern to affirm that you still care for them. Home and family and your parents are the things you could never ever give up. They are irreplaceable.

So William could give a timeline of six months  before he gives up, what about you? Where we draw the fine line between don't give up and enough is enough?

When we are in trouble or just in the state of life that you don't want to be,we always tell ourselves that things will be alright and it will get easier somehow and someday. But every morning we wake up, we are still in the same state without anything changes. "Not today" seems to greet you every morning and every night.

Days and days have gone but you are still in that puddle of mud. Freedom is out of reach. By this point, you will be very exhausted. And thus this is the right time to consider to give up.

I know it is such a disappointment to give up. But someday your realize that there were no slightest regrets for giving up. The giving up part moulds you of what you are today, in fact, it's even better than you initially you wanted to be as you learned what are the areas that not working for you.

Have the courage to give up.

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