Tuesday, June 14, 2016

UiTM Puncak Alam and Cap Buruh Cooking Oil Distribute Bubur Lambuk

In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, UiTM Puncak Alam, through its Hotel and Tourism Management Faculty and  Cap Buruh Cooking Oil, distributed more than 8,000 bowls of Bubur Lambuk Cap Buruh to students and staff of the UiTM Puncak Alam and UiTM Puncak Perdana campuses, here today.

The massive bubur lambuk distribution program is part of UiTM’s 60th anniversary celebrations, and its Ihya Ramadhan program. The distribution is believed to be among the largest bubur lambuk programs to be held by the university.

The leading Malaysian public university partnered with Cap Buruh Cooking Oil, a 63-year old household name in Malaysia, based on their shared history of serving Malaysians with the best for six decades.

Bubur lambukis a spiced rice porridge in beef broth, traditionally distributed through mosques during Ramadhan. The porridge is cooked in large cauldrons as a community effort, and the preparation and cooking time can take up to four hours.

Bubur Lambuk Cap Buruhis special and more delicious, with a creamier taste as the spices and aromatic ingredients are stir fried in Cap Buruh cooking oil to bring out the fragrance. This closely guarded recipes has been served to and commended for its taste by Malaysian royalty including the Yang DiPertuan Agong.

It is spiced with cloves, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, fenugreek and black pepper, among others and includes meat, fried dried shrimp, caramelized onion, ground nuts, coriander and parsley for a savory, yet light start to Iftar.

UiTM Selangor Rector, YBhg Prof. Dr Haji Zaini Abdullah symbolically launched the program by joining the deans of 8 UiTM faculties in stirring cauldrons of Bubur Lambuk Cap Buruh.

“Ramadhan is a month of reflection and for sharing and caring towards our fellow men. UiTM is pleased to be able to share the blessings of this holy month with our students and staff, even as our organization celebrates its 60th anniversary. We are also thankful to Cap Buruh for their contribution in allowing us to reach more people,” Prof Dr Haji Zaini Abdullah said.

Bubur Lambuk Cap Buruhis the brain child of UiTM Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management Senior lecturer, Mohd Shazali Mohd Sharif who developed the recipe and has fine-tuned it for over the last decade.

“When we planned this program, we decided to offer the best that we could to the students and staff. This recipe had been well-received by Malaysian royalty, and we decided to share it with all. With Cap Buruh cooking oil’s collaboration we could offer the same level of taste,” En. Shazali said.

Cap Buruh collaborated with En Shazali on improving the taste of the storied recipe, tweaking it to enhance the fragrance and texture of the porridge, making for a more pronounced spice taste and aroma that will whet the appetite, without greasiness.

The collaboration was undertaken to provide a more meaningful and delicious start to Iftar during this Ramadan season for the students and staff of UiTM, as part of Cap Buruh’s on-going efforts to serve the community.  

A spokesperson from Cap Buruh Cooking Oil, Cik Nur Ili Mustafa said “Cap Buruh cooking oil is always ready to serve the community in meaningful ways with tangible assistance at community programs. We are honored to assist in enhancing this recipe to make it more delicious for the students and staff of UiTM, and to join them in the hard work required to share this special meal during Ramadhan.”

Cap Buruh Cooking Oil is made from 100% high grade palm olein. It is rich in Vitamin E, with no cholesterol. A distinctive feature of Buruh Cooking Oil is its unique formulation that is laboratory proven to have a high retention of natural antioxidants that protect the oil from oxidative deterioration after each frying cycle. Essentially these antioxidants extend the durability of Buruh Cooking Oil, allowing reusability for three (3X) frying cycles.

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