Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Falling From Cloud 9

Have you ever woken up without any worries at all and the contentment is right up to the ceiling as you open up your eyes?

And the world was just at the palm of your hand which you could easily turn it inside out.

The confidence turned you into a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger and defying the laws of gravity.

What a pleasant anecdote above right?

I used to live the contended life above. Come of think of it, I was happy back then.

But where did the contended life go? Even happiness seems to be a stranger for me now.

An old adage goes, life is like a rollercoaster that we have to ride it. I was in the ride that brought me to cloud nine. But unfortunately, it the ride was so high and suddenly, I tripped and I fell hard to the ground.

I'm still enduring the pain. I know days ahead are tough, but I know i could persevere.

In times like this, I wish could have someone to talk or at least cheer me up, at least zone out for  a moment.

I know you will say I should get a boyfriend so he could take care of me. Nah, not at this moment since I don't I'm fit could be anyone's lover. It's getting late. You get early rest alright?

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