Sunday, December 13, 2015

All I Want For Christmas Is...

So I watched 'The Last Woman Standing' by Shu Qi and Eddie Peng couple days ago. Please don't watch it. It was a very boring show. I barely kept myself awake throughout the movie unless Eddie appeared in the scene.

But then again, Shu Qi in the movie was a lot like me - a stubborn one, especially in relationship.

Though her age was getting bit mature but she didn't bother much. She knew that she wouldn't be happy if she blindly hooked up with someone for the sake of marriage. Instead, she would choose what her heart chooses.

Just like me. My buds are rather bit concerned that I couldn't dust off the past and move on.

As if I didn't want to move on. You see, when you tasted the perfection and when the heart has chosen, it's very very hard to change my mindset.

I doubt I would see a glimpse of him for this Christmas. Maybe I should go against Christmas spirit this year and get a visit from Krampus. But then again, people say that all the good things will come to the good ending on Christmas. Let's see how it goes alright?

If you ask me what I want for Christmas this year, all I want for Christmas is him. I really do :(

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