Monday, December 28, 2015

The Sexiest Boys Alive 2015

I hate it. I hate to write this entry because it serves as reminder that I'm getting older.

But since it's a yearly legacy, so let's continue of what I've been doing for past four years. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, without any delay, it's a great honour for me to present you, The Sexiest Boys Alive in 2015.


Taron Egerton - Taron who? The cute Eggsy in the movie Kingsman. Who doesn't like this 26 year-old lad from UK. I don't have any fondness towards white men but I literally got crush on him. He's handsome, boyish and the trait i like the most, sense of humour. I guess James Bond may have a little bit of competition now.

Paul Rudd - Who ever thought a tiny ant could make into the list this year. Yes, only Rudd can with his blockbuster movie hit Antman. You will be glad to know that this cutie pie will be reprising the character in Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

Justin Trudeau - We have many reason to envy Canadians. In addition to its peaceful and developed status of the country, the maple leaf country has a very hot and sexy Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Compared to ours, wait a minute, it will be a disgrace for us to put him next to Justin. Good on you, Canada!

Chris Pratt - I know I featured him in last year's list but his stardom doesn't seem to fade away ever since Guardian of The Galaxy. He even made it bigger this year with Jurassic World. We will see a lot of him in Guardian of The Galaxy 2, The Avengers 3 and 4, Lego The Movie 2 and Jurassic World 2. I hope he doesn't have mental breakdown since he's too good not to be missed.


Ki Hong Lee - Last year, I featured Dylan O'Brien since he was such a cutie in The Maze Runner 1. For the sequel this year, I'm afraid I have to shift the focus to his friend, Minho (real name Ki Hong Lee) - he really stole the limelight in Scorch Trials. But sadly, he's already married  :(

Charlie Puth - It's been a long day without you my friend - I guess you are sick of this song but not the talent and look of Charlie. Don't you think he is so boyishly cute?! He nailed three Grammy nominations with the coveted Song Of The Year. Let's wish him all the best!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Did you watch The Walk? It is like one of the best movies in 2015. Aside from the beautiful storyline based on Phillipe Petit, Joseph's acting skill is par excellence. This 34-year old hottie had come a long way ever since 3rd Rock from The Sun. In 2016, we will see him as the controversial Edward Snowden in the movie Snowden. Really can't wait.


Eddie Redmayne - I don't think anyone deserve an Oscar except Eddie this year (glad that he won Best Actor). His portrayal of Stephen Hawking was simply surreal! Oscar buzz is running that he will grab Best Actor for second consecutive year for his breakthrough transsexual character in the movie Danish Girl. I'm sorry, Leo.

Pic: Twitter

Miles Teller - I know Fantastic Four is a flop but you have to give some credits to Teller beyond this floppy movie. He was handpicked by non other than Nicole Kidman for the movie Rabbit Hole in 2010. He also acted in Whiplash which garnered scores of nominations from The Academy.

Sam Claflin - Sam who? Okay, Finnick from The Hunger Games. I think he is way hotter than Liam Hemsworth. Just check out his body in the movie, it's a killer! But sad to say, he's already married :(

There you have it folks. Take the 10 hottest men above and start the new year with a bang! :)

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